What is Sales Journey Assistant

Support your sales forces during all the stages of the sales process.

Organizing recurring visits to customers is not always easy and requires a thorough follow-up.  Frequency depends on several criteria such as the yearly turnover, turnover increase, customer segmentation, etc.

Sales Journey Assistant helps sales forces organize these visits and supports them during the entire sales journey. 


During the first stage of the process – the qualification stage - Sales Journey Assistant will suggest to salesmen which companies should be visited, based on previously defined rules. The user can then select one or more results to prepare his journey.


  • During the preparation stage, the user selects the customers he wants to visit on his next journey. The selection can be done starting from the list suggested by the system or customers can be freely selected by the user.
  • Based on that list, Sales Journey Assistant generates a visual overview of his road trip. If the user wants to, he can ask the system to optimize the itinerary.
  • With the consolidated appointment view, the user immediately gets a summary of his customer, history and subjects to be discussed during the visit. A new visit report is automatically prefilled with those topics. The list of topics to be discussed can be extended manually.


During the visit stage, the user can take notes and define action points. He also has the possibility to provide unstructured notes. Sales Journey Assistant provides an excellent user experience for users with mobile devices, which is particularly important in this stage.


  • After the customer visit, the user completes the visit report. Follow-up actions (such as phone calls, other activities or automated nurture emails) can very easily be defined based on the information in the report.
  • When the visit report is finalized, an automated validation mechanism can be put in place. It includes an escalation process with reminder emails or tasks when the validation process is not completed in time.
  • Once validated, the follow-up actions specified in the visit report are automatically generated. Finally the visit report is added to the customer record.


  • The reporting stage covers the entire process lifetime: it allows to print out reports before and after the visit.
  • Reports can be generated for both internal use (to share with your team) and for external use (to share with your customer).
  • Statistics are also available (visit report status, escalation report status etc.)

No coding required ! 

Sales Journey Assistant has been designed to be used by Power Users, without any help from developers. With this we follow the Microsoft strategy of low code. Single View Builder is straightforward and easy to configure

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From a functional point of view, Sales Journey Assistant can be applied to accounts, contacts, and leads.


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