What is Single View Builder

If you’re tired of navigating between screens in your CRM to collect the information you need about your customer, Single View Builder is a MUST HAVE to save time and improve your user experience.

It is available as an add-on on top of any Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.

With Single View Builder, you can build personalized Single Views for yourself or for any department by grouping any kind of information about any entity that is important to YOU in one single screen: Single View of your customers, your marketing campaigns, your cases, your contracts, ... Possibilities are endless:

  • Tile View: visualize the information using personalized tiles: choose your icons, background colours, visual indicators and text placeholders. 
  • Tree View: get a cross-entity hierarchical view with the dynamic, performance optimized Tree View pane: apply filters, configure tooltips, change colors, add icons, ....
  • Timeline: display and zoom in on past, current and due activities and events in the journey of a contact, lifecycle of a contract, case,... with the Timeline, that can display any date or period.
  • Grid View: render items in a tabular layout. The definition of the grid relies on view definitions found on the entity to display.
  • Map View: bring maps into your single views. Built on Google Maps, the map view can serve many scenarios:
    • Display all leads or opportunities around a contact to be visited in the future.
    • Display the territory of a broker by analysing its portfolio.
    • Show all sales of a specific product.
    • ...
  • Display process stages.
  • Build dynamic button pads to create new related records.
  • Group related entity info to roll up data in one screen.

But most importantly: No coding required ! Single View Builder has been designed to be used by Power Users, without any help from developers. With this we follow the Microsoft strategy of low code. Single View Builder is straightforward and easy to configure


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Single View Builder works with standard and custom entities. Usage scenarios are unlimited: from a truly customer 360° consolidated view to a full operations cockpit, our visual components can be combined together to result into a new exciting user experience !

Read a few examples of use cases here.


Download flyer.