Why Single View Builder on top of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement


In today’s era of Big Data the CRM user is surrounded with an ever growing and staggering amount of information. Using out-ofthe-box Microsoft Dynamics 365 screens that data isn’t always surfaced seamlessly. To boost and improve customer engagement, surfacing and visualizing relevant data in an interpretable and actionable way would require significant additional efforts.

The CRM user requires more efficient screens exposing the value-add of all data readily available, enabling them to acquire better insights and take the appropriate decisions faster.

To provide the CRM user with contextual high-value experiences avoiding navigating between disparate data collections, and as such do their job more efficiently and hence save time, Single View Builder is a must have.


• Seamlessly create and manage contextual data in one single screen

Surface and visualize relevant data in an interpretable and actionable way

Easy navigation between entities

• Quick access to all data without leaving your screen

• Faster data driven insights and decisions

• Available in your language

• Higher user adoption

• Improved and optimized user experience 

Visualization of Single View Builder