Microsoft Business Application Summit 2020

Monday, May 18, 2020

Last week May 6th, James Phillips (President of the Microsoft Business Applications Group) and Alysa Taylor (Corporate Vice President, Business Applications Marketing) co-presented the keynote of the Microsoft Business Application Summit 2020, highlighting the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2020 release, and how their innovations could benefit customers.  

Another key part of Microsoft's ecosystem, crucial to customers' success, time-to-market and differentiating in today's ever changing and challenging time, is the ISV-Community (Independent Software Vendors).  "Our ISVs, those that are building applications and making them available on the broader Microsoft Cloud, on top of Dynamics, Office 365, the Power Platform and Azure" as James noted.     

"This is an amazing community of thousands of ISVs and nearly 10,000 Applications now available built on top of this platform, that we are building on top of on a daily basis", he continued, while displaying a fraction of leading ISVs and amongst them we are proud to say also Realdolmen. (, a Gfi Company.   

Realdolmen's Dynamics 365 "Software IP"-Unit delivers managed Dynamics 365 solutions, as well as other Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions with broad industry applicability: 

  • "Realdolmen Traviata CRM for Insurance Carriers" ( turnkey solutions for Insurance Carriers, to accelerate and deliver their journey to improved customer centricity, 
  • "Realdolmen Single View Builder" ( embedded in Traviata, leverable in D365 CRM within other industries to build personalized graphical Single Views to get an instant 360° view of customers, quotes, cases... and perform 'contextual' actions 
  • "Realdolmen Sales Journey Assistant" (URL not ready, publishing process ongoing): embedded in Traviata, also leverable within D365 CRM within other industries, helping sales teams structure, organize, manage and document customer visits in a 5-stage (qualify, prepare, visit, debrief, report) process 
  • "Gfi BOT Foundry" (, registered on the Azure Market Place of Microsoft, offers a solution to easily build and manage your chatbots on top of Azure 
  • … 


Watch the keynote on demand here: (~ at minute 7:03) 










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