Partner benefits

By integrating or reselling our high-quality products, partners can add value to their offering, generate new business opportunities and deliver high-quality services.

Our partner program provides the following benefits:

(Pre-) Sales & Marketing support:

  • Receive partner margins on our products
  • Use customizable sales and marketing resources
  • Benefit from Ready-to-use demo kits
  • Get support for your events

Integration support:

  • Free non production licenses
  • Free access to product assets
  • Support during implementation
  • Possibility to get special consultancy at special rates


  • Functional training
  • Technical training
  • Train the trainer

More benefits:

  • Position your company higher in the value-chain of some specific businesses
  • Create more attractive proposals
  • Rely on widely used components
  • Actively participate to the evolution of the product via user groups


Full details about our partner program:


“As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM VAR we needed a solution that could effectively help our customers in the insurance industry to shift to a customer centric business model. Fortunately we found Traviata CRM for Insurance Carriers, a rich and flexible solution that allows to connect with legacy applications and embrace all the relevant information for the insurance business’ everyday activity. The Single Views of the Customers and Brokers are really fantastic.

Trraviata CRM for Insurance Carriers allows us to offer a great value to our customers, improving their capacity to identify trends, plan, collaborate and rapidly respond to market challenges.”

Jorge Xavier, CRM Product & Business Manager, myPartner