Give your sales better insights into marketing touch points and campaigns

How Realdolmen uses Single View Builder to give sales better insights into the marketing touchpoints with their customers

At Realdolmen, we use Microsoft Dynamics in combination with ClickDimensions for all our marketing activities – and we love it.  Although our marketing department juggles with all the information and insights provided by the tool, we noticed that our sales colleagues sometimes struggle to find the information they need before a sales visit.

No wonder, since a marketing automation tool is built around contacts, while a sales cycle usually starts from accounts.  When a sales rep wants to know if there has been marketing activity at a certain account (email clicks, website visits, page views, event registrations etc.), it’s quite complex and time-consuming in a standard configuration.  To gather the information, he needs to open each of the account’s contacts individually and search for all the information that is available in different screens.

With Single View Builder, we made it easy for our sales colleagues to access the info in 1 single screen, starting from the account.  We combined a tree view and a timeline in one single marketing tab, without leaving the account screen.

When clicking on that tab, a tree view appears, containing all the contacts registered for that account.

By simply clicking on a contact, a timeline appears on the right if there have been activities. We chose to have a first sub-tab with all the marketing activities in swim lanes, followed by a series of tabs for each type of activity.  In all the cases, it’s possible to scroll through the timeline. 

If the contact has not been active and there is no marketing information available at all, the timeline does not appear to avoid unnecessary scrolling through an empty timeline.

Same thing for the swim lanes. The following contact for instance has registered for an event and has received emails, but has not visited our website, has not posted forms etc.  Only 2 swim lanes appear in the overview tab:

The next contact has more types of activities, so more swim lanes appear:

Here, again, you can scroll or enlarge the timeline to view all activities in 1 timeline or navigate to separate timelines per type of activity.

Of course, there are many more possibilities. You can use and combine all the features of our Single View Builder: you could add a tile visualizing the ClickDimensions score, and configure it to change color when a certain score is reached. Or display tiles counting how many times someone clicked on an email or visited the website.  Possibilities are endless !

More use cases.

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