Comprehensive overview of your customer portfolio with Tile View

Tile View, The Best View Possible !!

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  As a sales person for a CRM product company it is but natural for customers to ask – “Do you use your own product for your customer  activities ?”  You answer an emphatic “YES” and then you  open your CRM application, show your customer his own record in your CRM and you have a happy customer.  

I have been using Microsoft CRM Dynamics for a long time. Been very well acquainted with the navigation, the views, the reports from its early days. I believe it is one of the best CRMs in the world no matter what industry you belong to. And as a sales person I always thought it had everything. But the BEST can still be BETTERED. And that is what I learned when I joined Realdolmen and became part of its IP sales team selling the add-on products. Single View Builder remains my favorite of the three IPs that I sell.

Of all its best in class features – tile view, process view, timeline view and others -  my favorite remains the TILE VIEW. We have assigned a color to each of the three products. Just by looking at the picture in my TILE view I can know that my customer - Datum -  is a customer for all the three products that we have.  The orange tile being SVB, the Blue our flagship Traviata and the yellow being SJA. We have customized our views. The date on the top right shows the month the current user contract comes for renewal. By looking at the bottom left I know the deal value we are making for each of the products along with the number of users.

And most importantly we can choose what we want to see and how we want to see it.  So every time I open my CRM and a record for any customer, I can see in a nutshell pretty much all I want to know.  Now if I was using CRM without this valuable add-on, I would need at least ten clicks to gather that information. That’s time saved, effort saved, easy information and clear view summary. And that is the value of Single View Builder. 

I only sell three products for my company and I know people who have a diverse portfolio with a lot of sub products within product categories. Being able to see their complete portfolio at one single glance without even clicking would be of great value to them as well !

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