Single View Builder in the energy and utilities market

For a long time, the world was clear-cut for energy suppliers. The service they provided – supplying energy to households and organizations – was more or less non-differentiating. Competition was limited, because customers were bound to a limited number of suppliers based on their region. Hence available customer and partner data was limited. Times are changing with several drivers affecting this equilibrium: smart meters, IOT,  AI and extreme digitization.

Considering the size of the organization and the sheer amount of customers, solutions beyond Dynamics CRM’s standard features are needed to display data. With our Single View Builder add-on, we can provide energy and utilities companies with a real 360° view of customers and make sure information is provided just in time.

The complex customer data with underlying technical specifications can extend to very complex structures containing customers, facilities, meters, contracts a.s.o.  With Single View Builder those structures can easily be displayed using Tree and Tile Views which enable employees to get an informative 360 degree overview on the customer and to provide information quickly.  

Besides giving an easy overview over a multitude of data, Single View Builder can be extended by process actions. This enables users to start frequent processes right from the Single View in a “one click” scenario out of tile- and tree views and enhance usability even further.

Additionally, contract data can be displayed as tile views which will show the different types, statuses and durations using colors, symbols and utility specific icons.  Next to the visualization potential of Single View Builder, your organization’s power user can make your controls himself or tweak existing controls easily, without any need for external support. Single View Builder is truly low code!

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