SVB as a virtual assistant that guides you through the buyer journey

You virtual assistant in a Dynamic(s) world has a name :  Single View Builder

Times are changing and they are changing fast. And as a Sales rep you need to engage in many phases of the sales journey. Or should we say buyer journey? How to make sure you are present on the right “touch points”?  How to create the best possible customer/prospect engagement?

Sales have to deal with a lot of activities, a full agenda and a focus on achieving targets. How do they cope with the ever growing amount of data and the complexity to follow this up?

Let’s focus on the important process of quotes management. Without Single View Builder, Sales have to open multiple screens and drill through flat lists of information to see what is going on with their quotes. Single View Builder users do it differently.

With the process view, they see at one glance which stage their quotes are in. They see all the active quotes for this customer/prospect, and can also filter on the won or lost ones. 

But it is not only about quotes. In this specific example Single View Builder is used for an insurance company (see also Traviata CRM for Insurance). In that line of business there are policies and claims. Sales reps need to know and evaluate the status of issued claims. Claims obviously represent a big value for the end customer and handling them fast and correctly is important. And it is all about communication. When a sales rep is facing a customer, he or she needs to be aware of the current status the claim is in. 

Sales reps and companies using Single View Builder experience the power of having that relevant information available on one single screen. 
Single View Builder can take it a step further. The process view can be defined for other actions, flows and processes, and adapted to your line of business: insurance, like in this example, or any other industry (read another example - for the Energy and Utilities industry - here). 

More use cases.

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